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Home Buying Tips

Home Buyiny Tips
If you take these home buying tips to heart then you will never have to worry about buyer remorse.  So remember to always look and observe.

Here are some great home buying tips that you can use if you are considering making this your new living destination or if you are just looking for a new house to purchase. 
Start by creating a simple monthly budget that outlines your income and expenses.  Be realistic with this number and consider how much you will be able to put toward a     down payment.  The greater the down payment, the lower your monthly payments will be.
  1. Use a  competent Real Estate Agent:  The first and foremost  tip is to make use of a competent real estate agent.  s fees), an able real  estate agent will have more knowledge about the area, available infrastructure  and amenities in the area such as schools, sold out information about the home,  the existing rent in the area, and even new home buying tips that may be  specific to that particular area.
  2. Get Pre-approved: The second and very important tip to save money on your purchase price is by having a better bargaining position. One of the best methods for this is to get the mortgage loan pre-approved.
  3. Obtain the List Price to Sold Price Ratio: The third tip for money saving while buying a home is to obtain the List Price to Sold Price Ratio (it is expressed as a percentage) from your real estate agent. Your real estate agent can easily fetch this data for you.Look for options that require minimum down payment:
  4. The fourth and most practical tip is to watch out for foreclosure properties that require very little or no down payment at all. This will help you save a lot of money while buying a new home. One can also look for a home with an assumable loan. In such a case, you can buy the home without a down payment if the seller can apply for a second mortgage for the same amount. That way you can buy the home without a down payment.
  5. And when you are ready to write a contract, always hire a competent home inspection. We recommend selecting an ASHI Georgia Member.

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